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Walk through the South of Bathera village to the Primary School, Higher Secondary School and the Gram Panchayat (village self government council, democratically elected for a 5 year term)

The Primary School has 40 students in Grades 1-5 and the Higher Secondary School (HSS) has 250 students enrolled in Grades 6-12. In 2010 we established a public charity (Kemri Conservation Trust) to fund the education related expenses of 25 students in the HSS. Find out how this intervention benefits the students and their families. Interact with the teachers and students to understand the rural education system, the challenges, constraints and aspirations to prepare students to mainstream into modern India.

At the Gram Panchayat, guests can learn about this village council, the smallest unit of Indian democracy. Interact with the office bearers to understand the roles and responsibilities, development programmes, budgets and works underway.

Time : 2 hours, starting 10 am
Distance : 1 km walking circuit from the Rawla
Inclusions : local guide.



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