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The call to action came in the early 1990s when the project area (suffered deficient rainfall, droughts and falling water tables which degraded the ecology, adding to the unsustainable pressure from human communities clearing forest land for agriculture, over-grazing, stone quarrying and intense water extraction – all combining in a relentless attack on the natural resources causing long term harm to the environment.

Then, in 1995, long before Global Warming and Climate Change became buzzwords that signal alarm about humanity’s unsustainable lifestyle, we began to consolidate and protect the ecology and communities around the villages of Bathera, Kemri, Sarvaniya and Patolia. The protected project area is now called Kemri Nature Reserve.

Initially, during 1995-2008, our efforts focused on habitat protection and land consolidation to ensure the project achieved a geographical footprint large enough to restore and sustain an ecosystem surrounding a water reservoir. As a result of the effort, the ecology has strengthened considerably within the project area of c400 acres, in stark contrast to the surroundings which remain very degraded.

Apart from the visible impact evidenced by the much richer flora and fauna within the Reserve, the success is also evident in the breeding and predation cycle of several species of avian, aquatic and mammalian life as well as harmonious relations with the surrounding human communities who directly or indirectly benefit from the project activities.

From 2009 onwards the project initiated more direct action to assist the natural regeneration of the ecosystem and to enhance benefits to the local community. The scope of activities now include reforestation, building infrastructure for water distribution to support the planting effort, increasing collaboration with local population in eco-restoration, spreading awareness in the surrounding villages to bring more land under community protection and education support for children from financially weak families.



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