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Some of the broad trends that we aim to plug into include :

Freshwater this is fast becoming one of the greatest geopolitical issues in the world. There are signs already - some say the next major global conflicts will arise over control of water. So we have deliberately aligned this project towards freshwater conservation - the dams planned for construction will create a 500 meters long reservoir, average 10 meters wide x 1 meter deep

Carbon trading future framework is likely to recognize credits for preservation of existing forest cover to incentivise conservation. Some nations (like India, Indonesia, and Brazil) are already demanding this at various global negotiations. And again, the Kemri project is favourably positioned to capitalise on emerging opportunities in monetising the forest cover that it creates or conserves.

Sustainable lifestyles we are keen to develop mini community initiatives to adopt cleaner and greener lifestyles. These may include working models of vermi compost production, waste water filteration and recycling, plastic disposal and recycling, solar cooking, energy efficient lighting, bio gas production. We actively seek partners who have knowledge and experience in such projects.



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