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Ganesh Chaturthi - Birth of Lord Ganesh


GANESH CHATURTHI DATES : 09 Sep 2013, 29 Aug 2014 & 17 Sep 2015.

Ganesh, the son of Parvati and Shiva, the God of destruction, is miraculously created by his mother to protect her home whilst Shiv is away meditating in the mountains of Tibet. One day Shiv returned home to find Ganesh standing at the entrance, refusing to let him in, as father and son are both unknown to each other. In the confrontation, a furious Shiva beheads Ganesh, immediately after which Parvati arrives on the scene and is inconsolable when she realizes that her son has been slain by his father.

When Shiva learns that Ganesh was his son, he assures Parvati that he would be brought back to life. He then instructs his guards to fetch the head of the first being they encounter – and that turns out to be a baby elephant ! Using divine power, Shiva attaches the elephant head to the boy’s body, thus resurrecting him, and also decrees that on every occasion, Ganesh must be the first God to be worshipped, before any other.

And to this day, Ganesh puja (worship and homage) is performed before every important ceremony!

In the village : Devotees of Ganesh carry the idol in precession, on a dual bullock drawn cart, from the temple to the lake for immersion. Enjoy the live dance and music themed on the life of Ganesh. And the feast that follows must satisfy Ganesh’s voracious appetite !

Ganesh is for luck. Ganesh is for prosperity. May you be blessed.

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