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Makar Sakranti Festival of Kites


MAKAR SANKRANTI DATES : 14 Jan 2013 , 14 Jan 2014 and 14 Jan 2015.

The Indian calendar comprises 13 months in one year, based on the Moon’s 13 revolutions around the Earth in 365 days, the time it takes the Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun. The festival derives its name from the expression “when the Sun is in the house of Capricorn”. Makar is the Sanskrit name of the constellation Capricorn.

As this is a solar event, it is perhaps the only Indian festival that occurs on the same date of the Gregorian calendar each year. The event marks the waning of winter, the increasing daylight hours signifying the dawning of wisdom, and the dispelling of darkness.

At the village : Rural folk fly colourful kites, some experts in this art engage in duels between their kites, trying to cut through the strings of those controlled by opponents to win this battle for the skies. Sweets prepared and distributed at this festival are made of jaggary and sesame seed, a mixture believed to warm the body, so appropriate for this coldest time of the year.

Clad in traditional wear, with music to uplift you, let your spirits soar with the kites !

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