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Kemri Nature Reserve is a co-operatively protected area comprising 400 acres of typical Aravali jungle, grand rock formations and criss crossing streams that run into a kilometer long freshwater lake.

A bio-diversity hotspot, this gift of nature is preserved by our sustained efforts to protect the forest and freshwater resources, transforming the Reserve area into a rich and diverse ecology, in sharp contrast to the barren land outside it.

Volunteers have helped us every year to plant hundreds of trees and trench pipelines that distribute water through a 2 km network reaching about 6,000 saplings grown during the past 4 years. Witness the successful habitat protection methods and efficient freshwater management that underpin our eco-restoration efforts.

The Jungle Trails are an opportunity to identify, observe and learn about

- Avian life (200+ species of birds) and aquatic life (10+ species of fish, frogs and snakes),
- Animal tracks, trails and droppings of some of 20+ species of mammals and reptiles
- Unique trees and plants, including endangered, medicinal, fruit or oil bearing
- Rock formations, conservation of freshwater, grasslands and village commons
- Reforestation - planting and care for trees

Walk the Trails and marvel in the Circle of Life

Time : 2-3 hours, starting at 4 pm
Distance : 1-4 km walk within the Reserve
Inclusions : Guide, map, compass, non alcoholic beverages

Angori Trail (1 km)

This easy trail takes you through diverse terrain, some of our reforestation sites, stream beds, waterfall area and then on to one of the picnic venues by the private lake.

Enroute you will see the typical vegetation of the Aravallis including Babool, old Banyans, Dhok, Gondal, Karanj, Khajoor, Palash and Timru, interspersed with bush and scrub amidst grand rock formations and an ancient rock painting site, believed to date back to 3000 BCE.

Hyenas Trail (2 km)

An extension of the Angori Trail, this route takes you past the lake, following a path through the forest along a stream bed, to where the hyenas live in rock dens. Then the trail circles through the hills toward the Shikar Odi, a 100 year old building that now houses 2 exclusive suites.

Farmerís Trail (4 km)

Halfway on the Angori Trail you swerve West into the most thickly forested area of the Reserve, opening out into scrubland and farmland as you approach Sarvania village, a small community of cattle herders and farmers. Visit their homes and learn about their farming and irrigation methods, their aspirations and challenges. Witness the skill and ingenuity with which they use bullocks to plough the fields, sow the seeds and transport the crops.

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