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Gangaur - Women's Day


GANGAUR FESTIVAL DATES : 13 Apr 2013, 03 Apr 2014, 13 Mar 2015

The culmination of 18 days of prayers to Shiva (the God of destruction) and his consort Parvati in their manifestation as Isar and Gangaur respectively, this festival is unique to the State of Rajasthan.

A women centric occasion, homage and worship is conducted primarily by married ladies. It is believed that the blessings of Gangaur bring harmony in marital life, and unmarried women will find good husbands!

In the village : Celebrations start with the annual adornment of the wooden statue of Gangaur which is repainted and draped in new attire. On the 17th and last evening of prayer, ladies of the village participate in a traditional dance, set to local music. The following morning Gangaur is ceremoniously returned to her abode in the temple.

Celebrate the “Womens’ Day” of rural Rajasthan !

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