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Vasant Panchami - Festival of Spring


VASANT PANCHAMI DATES : 15 Feb 13, 04 Feb 2014, 24 Jan 2015.

Vasant means Spring and Panchami is the fifth day after the new Moon. The festival heralds a change of seasons and the dominant colour for this festival is yellow, matching the full bloom of the mustard flowers in the farms of Northern India.

Saraswati, the presiding deity for this festival is the Godess of knowledge, wisdom and learning. Therefore the occasion has great significance in the local schools where students and teachers begin the day with a prayer to Saraswati, followed by traditional dance, music and theatre.

At the village : Attired in yellow, take a guided tour of the local public schools and interact with the students and teachers at work. For Rawla Bathera, this is a day to renew our commitment to funding the education of children from disadvantaged families.

Marvel at how little these schools contain, yet how much they impart to young kids. The miracle of Saraswati !

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