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Janamashtmi - Birth of Lord Krishna


JANAMASHTMI DATES : 28 Aug 2013, 17 Aug 2014 & 05 Sep 2015.

Lord Krishna, the eighth Avatar of God Vishnu, the Preserver, was born in 3228 BCE in the city of Mathura on the banks of the river Yamuna, about 150 km South of modern day New Delhi.

Kansa, the evil ruler of Mathura heard a prophesy that his as yet unborn nephew (sisterís son) upon growing up, would slay him. An irked Kansa has his sister and her husband so he could capture and kill the new born infant immediately at birth.

However, new born baby Krishna is smuggled out by his father during torrential rain, across the Yamuna river, into the village of Gokul 10 km away. Krishna spends his early years in Gokul, as an endearing prankster, under the loving care of foster parents who are cowherds. He lives a carefree, mischievous childhood, grazing cows in the fields surrounding the village, and developing a fondness for music, dance and food.

In the year 1672 AD, a statue of the Child Krishna (named Shrinathji) miraculously manifested itself in Mathura, then ruled by the iconoclast Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. In order to escape his anti-Hindu policies, the idol was repeatedly shifted by devotees, ultimately finding its way to Nathdwara, near Udaipur, where the ruler of Mewar guaranteed its protection. But not before the entourage halted for rest at Bathera, where just outside the village is a little known shrine in stone, stamped with the impression of Shrinathjiís little footsteps as he passed through this area.

Unbelievable? Come marvel in the blur between history, legend and myth.

In the village : Swing the idol of Baby Krishna whilst he sleeps in his decorated cradle. Then dress up as Krishna and his companions and build a human pyramid to reach high up between the branches of trees where a pot of butter milk is tied for the team to grab and break. Just as it happened in Gokul many thousands of years ago, and re-enacted all over rural India. And of course, no event involving Krishna can go without music, dance and food.

Emulate Krishna and his friends. And reawaken the child in you !

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