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Rawla Bathera - Heritage Homestay


For nearly 3 centuries Rawla Bathera served as the family residence and headquarters of the Jagir (similar to modern day district) awarded to our ancestors in 1711, for leading the Mewar (Udaipur) army to victory against the Mughals.

Then, in 1947, the British rule in India ended, and Mewar along with other kingdoms seceded to the Union of India. The birth of this new nation ushered a change in the system of governance, and our families began migrating to seek work in other parts of the world. The Rawla however, continued to be used occasionally as a secondary residence.

Following a restoration effort in 2010 aimed at making the building functional again, we now welcome the discerning traveler looking for a special home stay in rural India. Rawla Bathera has two suites and one deluxe room, all fitted with modern amenities for comfortable living. Meals are usually local cuisine, served at any of the historic venues, always home cooked and delicious.

Your time at Bathera Rawla is an authentic and complete rural experience. The limited number of guests ensures close and personal interaction with the owners who live on the property and guide visitors through activities that make a direct contribution to the local environment and communities.

House guests are welcome to participate in tree planting, freshwater conservation, meeting the teaching staff in the local schools and counseling enthusiastic children. Or choose from one of the many other activities available here for more details please refer to the section THINGS TO DO.

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