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Although just 44 km from the rapidly growing Udaipur city, Bathera village is typical rural heartland, surrounded by tribals, farmers, shepherds and other communities, each following their unique, centuries old and customs.

Throughout the year, the Rawla leads neighbouring villages in celebrating several festivals, helping to preserve and revive local cultural traditions. Each event is held on the date of a particular festival and is themed around its story. Celebrations and spontaneous community participation are accompanied by local music, dance, and an afternoon or evening meal.

Rawla Bathera welcomes the discerning traveler to witness and participate in these diverse and authentic events, which provide an opportunity to closely interact with rural populations and the owners who personally guide visitors through the activities. Traditional attire is supplied to guests where this is required, and lunch or dinner is served during the event.

We can also host a limited number of guests overnight, should they wish to enjoy a rural homestay. Part of our earnings from this venture goes to conserve the surrounding natural forest, freshwater resources, sites of historical significance and funding the education of needy children in the local schools.

See the list of festivals and select the dates that suit your travel schedule.

Come, join the celebrations !

Time : 3 hours, including an afternoon or evening meal timed with the festivities
Distance : within the Rawla
Inclusions : Traditional attire, meal of local vegetarian cuisine (Dal - lentil curry, Bati - baked flour bread balls, Churma roasted flour dumplings mixed with jaggery), any special material and/or decorations used in the particular festival

MAKAR SAKRANTI - Festival of Kites
HOLI - Festival of Colours
VASANT PANCHAMI -Festival of Spring
GANGAUR - Women's Day
SHRAVAN TEEJ - Monsoon Festival of Swings
JANMASHTAMI - Birth of Lord Krishna
GANESH CHATURTHI - Birth of Lord Ganesh
DUSHERA - Triumph of Good over Evil
DIWALI - Festival of Lights



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