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Shikar Odi - Hunting Hideout


In centuries past, the Shikar Odi played a special role in the upkeep of the jungles of India.

This one was built more than 100 years ago, perched on a strategic rocky outcrop, blending perfectly with the surroundings. From this station, trained trackers maintained year round vigil over the animals, birds and trees, watching and recording nature, migratory patterns and interaction between diverse species. Often helping and guiding travelers and shikaris (hunters) through the jungle, this humble, self sufficient abode enabled long postings in isolated terrain.

We have recreated this setting to offer a fascinating experience to travellers. Set amidst 150 hectares of co-operatively protected jungle in the Aravalli hills, overlooking a picturesque valley and a private freshwater lake, this structure has been carefully restored to contemporary standards, yet retains all its historic charm and character.

Exclusivity is the hallmark of the Shikar Odi. When you visit us, we hand you the keys to one of the two impeccably appointed suites that serve as your residence in the wild. Spot the animals and birds from your exclusive jungle hideout and capture the sightings on your camera and notebook! Share these observations with us and we will even pay you a nominal fee as your records will help us monitor the habitat through the seasons – and may prove invaluable for our long term bio-diversity research.

Experience the concept of “Bare Luxury” where there is no compromise on your comfort (with a personal valet on call) but you will be inspired to do more, with less.

Tread softly upon this Earth - leaving only the lightest carbon footprint.



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