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Although so close to the rapidly growing Udaipur city, Kemri Nature Reserve and Rawla Bathera is typical rural heartland, surrounded by tribals, farmers, shepherds and other communities, each following their unique, centuries old traditions, customs and lifestyles, seemingly untouched by the modernity.

We take immense pride in our community outreach programmes to revive and preserve traditional crafts and culture through festivals, music and dance. And we assist about 30 children in the local school by funding all expenses related to their education, enabling them to mainstream into a modernizing India.

Drive to one of the tiny hamlets of 20-30 homes of cowherds and shepherds. Our historical association with these communities and unshaken mutual trust and respect, ensures that visitors may freely interact with rural folk, and even enter their dwellings. Speak to the villagers, learn about their lifestyles, culture and witness traditional farming methods using bullock drawn ploughs and carts.

The experience is always close and personal, under the supervision of the owners or our trained local guides.

Step across the rural–urban divide !

Time : 2 hours, starting 10 am and 4 pm
Distance : 4 km circuit from the Rawla by car
Inclusions : local guide



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