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Kemri Nature Reserve and Rawla Bathera aim to protect and preserve the ecology, heritage and culture in the area around villages of Bathera, Kemri, Patolia and Sarvania.

The Reserve is a compelling landscape comprising 400 acres of co-operatively owned jungle and a kilometer long private lake, combining to create a unique ecosystem in this part of Rajasthan. Our reforestation and freshwater management efforts through several decades has created a safe haven for some 15 species of mammals and several reptiles. And a stunning 200+ species of birds, resident and migratory, are found within a 10 km radius.

The Rawla is now our residence and a beautiful example of our architectural heritage spanning 300 years - the style seamlessly blending Hindu, Mughal and British influences over many centuries. We have expanded our endeavours to renovate and restore historical buildings in the vicinity, and to revive traditional crafts and skills. Over the past few years, the Rawla has re-emerged as an active cultural centre and venue for major festivals – coming alive to the beat of traditional drums, dance and music, when hundreds of rural folk converge here to celebrate in colourful attire.

Between the Reserve and the Rawla, we lead fieldwork initiatives for Ecological Restoration and Community Outreach, benefiting local populations in several ways, including the reforestation of lands, augmenting freshwater storage capacity, creating employment, funding children’s education and reviving traditional crafts, skills and culture.

From these core values emerged our foray into hospitality, so we can offer visitors an opportunity to engage in our fieldwork programmes, besides enjoying a unique holiday. We ensure that the experience is private and exclusive - as the owners personally provide hands on guidance to guests.



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