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Investors, employees and other stakeholders appreciate corporations which aspire to high environmental/social standards that reflect their own values. Such initiatives attract discerning, ethical investors, and help retain motivated, diverse, high caliber people. If your main CS themes are environment and education for the benefit of the community, then Kemri Conservation is a perfect fit.

Some obvious benefits of a corporate volunteer programme (CVP) are:

- Spurs teamwork across levels of the organisation as CVPs are non hierarchical, as opposed to usual training courses which are tailored towards peer employee groups
- Creates a pool of employee “champions” which should translate into greater care for energy conservation and waste management in the work place, ultimately improving environmental audit scores

Read the feedback from people who have previously worked with us as volunteers

Kemri Conservation offers several opportunities for corporates and individuals to participate in environment and community service work. Volunteering involves a commitment of minimum half a day. We also run longer programmes upto 5 work days for which we have full boarding and lodging facilities for participants to reside and work at the site. For this purpose we use Rawla Bathera as the base camp – see the section Rawla Bathera for more information.

Typical activities that are organized for participants include tree planting, trenching and fixing pipelines to distribute water through the project area, community meetings to spread awareness about education, waste disposal and sustainable lifestyles, student counseling, avian and mammalian surveys.

The variety of activities enables participants to understand the various aspects of the work that goes into ecological restoration and in winning community support, and all of them assist the project. Such fieldwork is an excellent platform for team building and lighting a spark of leadership amongst participants.

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