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Diwali - Festival of Lights


DIWALI DATES :  03 Nov 2013, 23 Oct 2014, 11 Nov 2015.

Arguably the most visible and widely known Indian Hindu festival within and outside India, Diwali occurs 20 days after Dushera, celebrating the return of Ram, his wife Sita and brother Laxman to Ayodhya, after 14 years of exile and his victory in battle over Ravana, the King of Lanka. The citizens of Ayodhya lit thousands of little fires in clay pots (called diyas) filled with oil and cotton wicks and burst fire crackers in a grand welcome to the returning Crown Prince, soon to be King.

This is also a time to usher Laxmi, the Godess of wealth, into our homes by decorating the floors of the house with coloured powder, known as Rangoli. In some regions of India, this day also marks the start of the New Year, especially amongst the business and trading community. In other parts, Diwali coincides with the onset of winter and the crop sowing season.
A happy coincidence of several auspicious occasions and renewal of good hope for the future makes Diwali a celebration for all.

In the village : Beautifully decorated homes are believed to attract Laxmi, the Godess of Wealth. Make the colour patterns in our houses, prepare and light diyas and watch the fireworks heralding the arrival of the victorious.

The music and dance will usher into your life even more health, wealth and happiness !

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