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Plant A Tree


Dig a pit in one of our selected reforestation patches – this can be a wonderful teamwork activity for a family or a group of friends or colleagues. We will provide a sapling of one of the native species of trees for you to plant. And we show you how this may be done without chemical fertilizer and insecticide. Cordon off the pit by making a fence with a variety of thorn bushes growing nearby. Release the water supply valve, hear the whoosh and smile - your work is done. Leave to us the care and protection of the sapling for the next 4 years.

To make a positive, long term impact on the environment, there’s nothing better or more fulfilling than growing a tree.

Time : 2 hours, starting 10 am and 4 pm
Distance : 4 km circuit from the Rawla by car
Inclusions : local guide.



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